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Discover Your Hearing Health​

Unlock the path to better hearing with our comprehensive hearing test appointment.

Our dedicated team of experienced audiologists is here to guide you on your journey towards improved hearing and a higher quality of life.

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Our expert team will guide you through a simple, comfortable process, ensuring you get the most accurate results.

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Why Choose Our Hearing Test?

Hearing Assessment

Embark on your hearing health journey with a thorough assessment conducted by our expert team.

We’ll delve into the key issues you’ve been facing and determine the most effective treatment for you.

We’ll discuss your primary symptoms, potential causes of your hearing-related concerns, and how they impact your lifestyle.

Plus, we’ll explore any prior exposure to loud noises and inquire about any experience of ringing (tinnitus) in your ears.

Full Consultation

Your hearing test is followed by a comprehensive consultation where we go beyond the surface to understand your unique situation better.

We’ll discuss your test results and provide you with a detailed audiological report.

If necessary, we’ll introduce you to the most suitable hearing aid technology for your specific needs.

Hearing Aids Ftting

Experience the difference with our tailored hearing aids fitting process.

We ensure maximum comfort and effectiveness, customizing the ideal hearing aids to suit you perfectly.

Your journey towards improved hearing begins here.

The Tests We Perform:

Pure Tone Audiometry

Our main test, often known as the ‘beep test,’ involves presenting various tones to your left and right ear.

This identifies your hearing thresholds, helping us determine the type and severity of your hearing loss.

Tympanometry Test

We evaluate middle ear function by analyzing eardrum movement through pressure changes.

This helps us identify issues like middle ear infections (otitis media), fluid behind the eardrum, eardrum perforations, and Eustachian tube function problems.

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Our Commitment to You

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State-of-the-Art Hearing Devices

Explore our varied collection of hearing devices, all designed using the most recent advancements for optimum comfort and effectiveness.

Whether you’re in search of discreet styles or models packed with features, discover the ideal match for your way of life and auditory needs.

Your Leading Ally in Hearing Wellness

We unite exceptional knowledge with state-of-the-art technology to provide customised auditory health services. Our esteemed After Care scheme encompasses custom adjustments for hearing aids, annual detailed evaluations, and a solid two-year guarantee.

The Plus+ Package enhances your experience with additional benefits such as free upkeep, prompt assistance in emergencies, an extended five-year guarantee, and superior auditory solutions. Select our services for committed, continual assistance on your auditory health journey.

Ready to Improve Your Hearing Health?

If you have concerns about your hearing or have noticed signs of hearing loss, don’t delay.

Contact our reception team at 0203 488 3023 today to arrange a meeting with one of our expert hearing audiologists.

Your cooperation and openness during the assessment process will help us develop the most appropriate treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

Take the first step towards better hearing and a better life.

Book your hearing test appointment now!