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How to prepare for your Earwax Removal

Step 1 – Ear Drop Application

A blocked ear can often be cleared by using ear drops alone which you can purchase from your local pharmacy. Make sure you carefully read through the instructions depending on which of oil you apply. For example, almond oil, sodium bicarbonate, olive oil, and sodium chloride drops are usually applied for this reason. You’ll only need to pour a few drops into the blocked ear. When applying the ear drops, lie with the ear uppermost as possible. Allow 2 to 3 minutes to let the drops soak the earwax.

Top tips

Use the olive oil or ear drops before going to bed. Apply a touch of vaseline on the inside of a cotton bud and then squeeze a few drops of ear drops or oil on the top and place it into your ear and then sleep with the bud inside. The vaseline helps soften the wax and ensures the oil goes down the ear by preventing the oil from soaking into the cotton.

The earwax often breaks down if you use this method for 3-5 days. As the wax comes out of your ear, you may not even realise it, however the crusts or flakes usually fall out gradually. If you’ve had your ears operated on within 18 months or if you’re experiencing an infection, grommets or perforation, we highly advise you not to use this method or apply any oil to your ears.

Step 2 – Your Appointment, with the Micro-suction Method

We use the latest Micro-suction method at Clear Earwax, a controlled sterile suction process which is a pain free method that is less intrusive than any other methods available. If ear drops do not work then Micro-suction may be necessary. The ear canal is looked at straight through a binocular operating microscope and cleaned using a very fine sterile suction device at low pressure in order to ensure the safe removal of the ear wax. (If you have not had your ears operated or experiencing infection, use the ear drop method above 2-3 times a day for 3-5 days to maximise the effectiveness of the micro-suction process before you have your micro-suction appointment here at the Clear Earwax clinic.

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