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Why do we have earwax?

Earwax plays a crucial role in our body and it exists in all of us. However, many people don’t actually know what earwax is and what purpose it serves.

  • Cerumen is a the thick fluid better known as earwax, which exerts waste out of the ear canal including debris, sweat and dead skin cells. The amount of earwax produced varies from person to person and it may be brown, yellow or even orange and hearing loss is usually experienced as a result of the excess earwax.
  • One of the many benefits of earwax includes moisturising your ear canal skin which protects your ear against itchiness and dryness. Believe it or not, a clean environment is crucial to lower the risk of infections on the inside of your eye and earwax naturally cleans and removes the dust and dirt that can get in your eye.
  • Earwax can give us an insight about our heritage, with people of African or European ancestors having moistened earwax in comparison to Asian descent.
  • Attempting to remove earwax from your ears can cause blockages and negatively affects your ears. Using objects like q-tips, cotton-buds can significantly increase it’s impact, and even more if you wear hearing aids or earplugs regularly. Earwax can be removed when you have a shower or wash your ear as earwax moves through the outside of the ear canal.
  • Infection or eardrum damage and even some tinnitus can be a result of untreated blockages, which is why we highly advise to see a specialist as soon as you think you have an issue. At Clear Earwax, we can help you with temporary hearing loss caused by blockages.

We believes ears are wonderful and we’re very enthusiastic when it comes to cleaning them here at Clear Earwax! Give us a call or pop in to talk to us about any issues you maybe experiencing with your ears.

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